All forms. All mediums. I am passionate about it.

I simply adore interesting conversations with inspiring individuals.

The ones that lift, have us question, and sometimes even shake us inside. The ones that keep us conscious, reflective and growing. The ones that ask us to digger deeper, find meaning, make change.

I equally adore the meditative aspect of reflection.

That follows these experiences in order to assimilate information.

Communication. It really is sacred. All forms. All mediums. I am passionate about it.

Self talk and public speaking, subtle and direct, visceral behaviour and emotional intelligence, I believe communication to be a form of education and source of empowerment. I have a great, and sometimes playfully dark, sense of humour, I quite like human anatomy, and have learned so much about compassion and spirit throughout my own life journey.

I’ve been lucky enough to recognize my gift as a Communicator.

From a young age I’ve been curiously observing the essence of communication, its been an ever evolving journey and relationship to expression. From ‘losing’ my voice as a child after a stressful family split, to my work as a funeral director guiding, hearing, and sharing in peoples incredible journeys and lives, and landing right here in my Studio with the opportunity to facilitate and educate individuals and groups in practices of intention and wellness by immersing daily in both local and global community.

She has such beautiful insights into people and the world. We’ve had some of my favourite thought provoking conversations that have influenced my view on life, love, and relationships in every form.
— Katrina Johns


  • Website design–designing and building your website, including written content and photography services.

  • Assisting you with content, copy, clarity and design on your projects, websites and manuals.

  • Helping you formulate and articulate yourself both in personal and professional settings–this can be finding your own authentic voice in your relationships, to crystallizing your professional direction.

  • Travel to facilitate global business leaders–curating practices and training that elevate more meaningful forms of communication and partnerships within teams, and with clients.

  • Hosting entrepreneurs, visionaries, teams and families–I guide practices that connect individuals to themselves while inspiring collaboration that nurtures mutual trust and respect within groups and community.

  • Working with organizations that value compassionate communication in the workplace and understand how its benefits permeate the culture of your team and clientele.

  • Preparing individual speakers for engagements and keynotes–packages and tools include clear content, confidence, voice projection and delivery. Options for day of services for pre-stage prep, and post delivery wind-downs are available.

  • Speaking Invitations–to have me to speak at your event, with your team or circle to engage inspiring, educational and meaningful conversations. Passionate topics about sacred life cycles, wellness, and the topics you find throughout this site and my blog.

Priscilla’s unique flare of engagement makes for a safe and compassionate learning environment. Her genuine care, coupled with her extensive knowledge, creates an informative and non judgemental haven. She has mastered the art of listening which enables her to guide and give courage with ease and sincerity.
— Rose Pallotto

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