Here you’ll find my Signature 1:1 Programs

Our sessions are part structured, and part fluid, always tailored to the individual to ensure that you receive exactly what you need during our time together. Working together can take place in Studio or through Online connection.

I welcome you to reach out with any questions or requests that you may have–be it about the information you find here, to discuss your options, or simply to connect.

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Priscilla’s unique flare of engagement makes for a safe and compassionate learning environment. Her genuine care, coupled with her extensive knowledge, creates an informative and non judgemental haven. She has mastered the art of listening which enables her to guide and give courage with ease and sincerity.
— Rose Pallotto



Three Private Sessions.

This package is designed to foster candid interactions with clients that lend space to experiencing the foundations of proper breath technique, safe alignment, unique modification, and exploration of mindfulness practices.

Each Session is individually tailored for you, offered in Studio or Online.

A great place to begin, or advance your practices of self-care through breath, movement and meditation.

Priscilla demonstrates unwavering patience and capacity to love and belief in the goodness of others. Without her space, encouragement and patience, I would not be the person I am today. She and Intentions Studio helped me blossom into the independent, strong and mindful individual I am.
— Kaileigh Faith

Intentional Love.jpg


Grounded. Heartfelt. Love Inspired.

Guided through Intuitive Self Study, I hold space in creating a compassionate container for discovery and expression, a deep connection to emotional awareness, embodiment and freedom.

All the sacred cycles of your experience–grief and celebration, stillness and movement, contraction and expansion.

Designed for those seeking confidential and integrated support in your personal healing journey, or guidance within your professional creations and development.

Offered in Studio or Online, this program is offered in 3 month, 6 month and 9 month package options.

Much love and gratitude to you Priscilla–you are an inspiration to those you teach. You bring so much to us beyond the powerful practice of movement and breath work. I have integrated the valued lessons learned from our profound Intentional Love counselling sessions into my daily life.
— Sherry Sibio

Personalized Services | 1:1 & Groups

Have your own vision or request? It may be focused on your personal wellness, or within a professional scope.

You may be seeking services as an individual, a family, in a team setting, or within an intimate group of friends. Being a multifaceted entrepreneur means I bring many expected, and unexpected assets to my clients.

Curating services that are highly personalized is something I quite enjoy, and have extensive experience with.

Through my previous career within the funeral profession my focus was intimately service oriented–time spent with client families was personal and unique to each. I arranged for gatherings and ceremonies which included directing ceremonies and groups seamlessly–often with hundreds of guests in attendance.

Today as a Consultant & Facilitator I assist my clients as individuals and within groups–often blending my practices and services. This may be assisting you with personal, family and community wellness, or within professional development and projects.

I’ll be able to provide feedback for your vision, and make suggestions that can compliment your requests to create a personalized experience.

Priscilla has earned a well respected place in our community as a leader in self awareness and empowerment.
— Karen Whetstone

The lessons I’ve learned from Priscilla and from my practice are endless, but the most cherished is love. I’ve learned to love myself from body to soul; and how to listen to my body in order to show up for myself when needed. And further; transform that love into compassion for the people and things around me. The money and time invested into myself and my practice through Priscilla’s programs and immersions is priceless.
— Katrina Johns

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I felt instantly comfortable with Priscilla because of her ability to really listen to me without judgment — this is a rare gift.... She is diligent when it comes to her vision of creating a holistic and integrated experience for all her clients and I admire her for her clarity on how to create wellness for each client she works with. If you want a unique and intuitive experience, I highly recommend working with Priscilla.
— Tricia Best Hurtubise

I knew from the first moment I walked into the environment of her studio and met Priscilla that I was on the right path and my wellness journey had begun. Her gifts of yoga practice, wisdom, knowledge, listening and insight have truly saved me both physically and emotionally.

With Priscilla’s attention, dedication and patience I have grown so much both physically and mentally. I constantly look forward to the friendly atmosphere, incredible support and encouragement...Priscilla, it is your love, effort and continuous compassion that makes our world a better place. I respect you wholeheartedly. With gratitude from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
— Lucy

Have some questions? Let’s connect:

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Phone No.
I'd like to connect about the following Services: