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Intentions was first created in 2013, opening our doors as local Studio providing our community with a safe space for self-care through immersive experiences and everyday practical practices. The focus is to feel Well.

An evolution is occurring!

We're growing into an Online Wellness Platform guiding you in breath, movement and meditation practices that you can enjoy from your home, in office, or while travelling. From this very site you’ll soon be able to access your favourite practices, an extension to what we’ve created in Studio.

Looking for us in Studio?

You can still find us in person at our same location, now operated by The Healing Hive Wellness Studio.

Im excited for the growth this new endeavour brings to our community, and honoured to be offering Foundational Programming for The Healing Hive, continuing to expand perspective and the conversation around wellness including breath, movement and mindfulness practices through resources and tools for personal wellness and professional development.

I encourage you to explore my Local & Global Retreats, Consultation Services, Personal Wellness & Professional Development Programs, and look forward to continue welcoming our local community to join me through my on-going weekly Classes hosted at The Healing Hive.




Art of Foundation & Introductory Series



Public Classes offered at The Healing Hive Wellness Studio offer connection throughout your week.



Individual 1:1 Consultation & Facilitation



Immersive Local & Global Retreat Experiences complimented by fresh sustainable food choices


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Programs & Modules for in depth learning



Intentionally chosen to support Local, Ethical & Fair Trade, online shop coming soon!



We offer meaningful work within community, with a personal connection.


PRISCILLA FILIPE | Founder & Consultant

With over 16 years of personal practice, I’ve facilitated clients both locally and globally through my Studio since 2013. A former Funeral Director, my work encompasses anatomy based practices created from compassion and care, with the sound ability to hold space in the most vulnerable of times.

A deep love and understanding of the human body, I continue to explore the science that supports how emotions are intimately connected to the nervous system, and share an in-depth approach to living well.


KATRINA JOHNS | Facilitator

As a naturally creative person the combination of her interests in food and art lead her into the fun, yet physically demanding job of Food Styling. She began her yoga practice as a way to combat the long hours of being on her feet – but quickly learned there was so much more to the practice than getting into an asana.

With a desire to deepen her practice, Katrina chose to participate in a Yoga Teacher Training course. After receiving the first certification she chose to dive in further and work one to one with Priscilla by taking her Advance Training Program.

“I’ve always advocated for taking care of yourself first. You cannot serve from an empty cup. My practice has taught me so much, and my teacher trainings inspired me to share those affirmations. It’s important to me to spread the message that in order to love others we must love ourselves first. It hasn’t been a comfortable journey to get here, but well worth it. To hold space for others to experience the fulfillment of being kind to ones self is incredibly important to me. I look forward to continuing that journey within myself and cultivating community around those affirmations.”

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PATTI JENNINGS | Registered Massage Therapist

Practicing for over 20 years, Patti offers Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release, Pregnancy Massage & Myofascial Release. From her first love in Toronto Fashion, into a career of purpose, Patti shifted into the modality of Therapeutic Massage.

“Beyond my practice I enjoy being a wife and mother of two, gourmet cooking, hobby farming, fitness and deepening my relationship with my Savior.”


DIANE MARHAN | Facilitator

From intense training for marathons, triathlons, duathlons and competitive tennis to the more leisurely roller blading, golf and hiking–sports and fitness have always been an integral part of her life.

For almost three decades she was involved in the real estate industry both self-employed and in a corporate environment. With a realization that there is an overwhelming need on this planet to connect in a meaningful way, with others and most importantly with ourselves, for Diane yoga is the path to that connection. Now, as a day trader, she finds her practice gives her the tools to effectively manage those intense and stressful mornings.

“The breathing techniques alone are invaluable. I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to share with others what is possible through a regular practice; peace of mind, a healthy mind, body and spirit, and authentic human connection.”


MARCELLO RUSSO | Photographer

A talented photographer with an eye for detail–Marcello has served over 16 years within the funeral profession himself.

You’ll find his brilliant photography throughout our site & mobile APP. His photos include the stunning shots of our Studio, items from our Boutique, and most of the portrait, group and retreat captures.

A keen eye for Nature, he takes incredible photos of the moon, landscapes and forest. With such a steady hand he’s able to capture unbelievably clear photos with his macro lens. A fun fact: Marcello is also natural drummer, sketch Artist, and an automotive enthusiast!

We welcome you to browse our photography services, and be in touch with any inquiries about projects you’d like creative imagery for.