I felt instantly comfortable with Priscilla because of her ability to really listen to me without judgment — this is a rare gift. I so appreciate how she uses her experience with the inner journey and how it impacts our emotions, nervous system and mobility, and alchemizes that into instruction that resonates with my heart versus a list of “dos and don’ts”. She is diligent when it comes to her vision of creating a holistic and integrated experience for all her clients and I admire her for her clarity on how to create wellness for each client she works with. If you want a unique and intuitive experience, I highly recommend working with Priscilla.
— Tricia Best Hurtubise

Much love and gratitude to you Priscilla–you are an inspiration to those you teach. You bring so much to us beyond the powerful practice of movement and breath work. I have integrated the valued lessons learned from our profound Intentional Love counselling sessions into my daily life. The sound healing and intentional, soulful women’s group workshops have brought me deep insights and connectivity to others. Your willingness to travel outside of Ontario to work with my global business colleagues, guiding us to engage in deeper, stronger and more meaningful communication by taking our practice from the mat to the boardroom was nothing short of - extraordinary. How divine it is to know the meditation, movement and wellness space you have created within the King community can be transported anywhere.
— Sherry Sibio | Owner of Achievers World Wide

Can it really be five years since I was introduced to Intentions and more importantly to Priscilla?! Throughout that time I have been encouraged to use my breath, focus on proper alignment instead of just getting to the asana, understanding the benefits of core strength and that the time and process on the mat is reserved for me and me alone. It is a time for meditation where I can find my voice and face the darkness as well as the light.

Our relationship has grown through sharing life experiences, standing bare foot in lavender fields, listening to the roar of swollen rivers, watching pollen fall like snowflakes from the forest, defying gravity during flying ‘crow’ practice, questioning, exploring, sharing music, writing poems, drawing, encouraging self discovery through painting and responding to each day honestly, confidentially and with an open heart.

All the while, Priscilla offered a place of balance and guidance. She listened. She taught me to be aware and understand that in the silence and the shadows I can find alignment to my true self. In a culture, that leans towards reactive care instead of preventative, busyness instead of meditation, personality instead of character, Priscilla has earned a well respected place in our community as a leader in self awareness and empowerment. I am honoured to have Priscilla as my teacher, my guide through the galaxy and my friend. With love and respect.
— Karen Whetstone

When Intentions Yoga opened it’s doors a few minutes drive from where I live, I felt I had to try a few classes. Being an introvert, it took me a few months to finally enter the studio, and I have been coming back ever since. I love the combination of physical, mental and spiritual awareness that yoga brings.

Priscilla’s unique ability to nurture, motivate, and share her extensive knowledge makes each class (and post class chats) a very rewarding experience. No matter what age, build or fitness level, we are all guaranteed to get a great work out – mind, body and soul. With Priscilla’s attention, dedication and patience I have grown so much both physically and mentally. I constantly look forward to the friendly atmosphere, incredible support and encouragement Priscilla gives.

Priscilla, it is your love, effort and continuous compassion that makes our world a better place. I respect you wholeheartedly. With gratitude from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
— Lucy

One of my first experiences with Yoga was in 2013 when Priscilla opened Intentions Yoga & Wellness. After attending several classes and participating in a few of the workshops, I felt the desire to participate in her Essentials Training. This program is for anyone seeking to find peace within themselves and physical strength.

Priscilla’s unique flare of engagement makes for a safe and compassionate learning environment. Her genuine care, coupled with her extensive knowledge, creates an informative and non judgemental haven. She has mastered the art of listening which enables her to guide and give courage with ease and sincerity.

The Essentials Training is so much more than just postures. It allows one to truly connect with themselves and explore their deep intentions so as to lead a rich and meaningful life. A life that intricately connects movement, mindfulness and meditation. For me, it is providing a road map to my life of purpose.
— Rose Pallotto

Priscilla, I wanted to share a few thoughts with you; I began to notice this past fall as never before, your style of sharing with the class. Seldom do you talk about you; your language is centred around the people in the class, encouraging always and with superb subtlety, sharing your confidence in us achieving each posture, or breath technique. Always providing modifications or cheering us on when we try on our own–to achieve what sometimes feels like the impossible. The tone of your voice is always calm–you never rush us. Your words in class are matched by your actions building our trust in working with you.
— Susan Morton-Leonard

I began practicing at Intentions with Priscilla 3 years ago. When I first began I was admittedly, a bit of a sceptic. Having never practiced yoga before, I found myself surprised by how physically demanding it could be – shaking and sweating my way through class. Week after week I returned and noticed myself getting stronger and stronger. Though I was able to challenge myself to hold a posture longer, or extend my leg a little further, my practice really didn’t evolve and come to hold as much meaning until I started to work on more than just the physical.

I was fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica on a solstice retreat led by Priscilla and it was truly a “once-in-a-lifetime experience”. I’ve been lucky enough to see many parts of the world, but never before have I so mindfully experienced and interacted with a new place. I was able to open myself up to new ideas, to new creativity, and new parts of myself that I would have otherwise never known. With Priscilla’s support, this retreat allowed me to discover so many wonderful and difficult things about myself and I think about its impact often. I am so grateful to have connected with Priscilla in the way that I did on this trip and, to have created a friendship I deeply cherish.

What I have discovered about yoga though Intentions is that it can be so much more than just a physical practice. Through Priscilla’s guidance, I have learned how to go at my own pace and not be worried about anyone else. I have learned how to listen to my body. I have pushed through the shaking when I thought my legs would give out and I’ve been gentle with myself and rested when my arms needed a break. I have learned how to speak kindly to myself, how to be patient with myself, and how to make discomfort an opportunity for growth. These are principles I carry with me beyond the studio, into every facet of my life.

Priscilla has created a welcoming, supportive, and generous space and community, free from judgment. I am truly grateful for all of the time and energy Priscilla has personally dedicated to me and to the studio.
— Emily Mitchell

Priscilla has raised the bar for yoga instructor training. Priscilla has created the ideal space to share her knowledge and experience of her near decade of yoga practice and teaching. The steady pace over nine months allows you to absorb and put every lesson into practice. I would compare it to a mastermind group where there is a synergy of energy, support, great insights, shared knowledge and a common goal for life improvement. And beyond that it’s a lot of fun!
— Diane Marhan

Meeting Priscilla and beginning my yoga practice at Intentions has been one of the most important moments in my life thus far. She has such beautiful insights into people and the world. We’ve had some of my favourite thought provoking conversations that have influenced my view on life, love, and relationships in every form. Intentions Yoga will forever hold a special place in my heart, for I found myself there. A gift I am, and will be, eternally grateful for.

I had been eager to try yoga but the universe wanted me to wait till Intentions was open. I never tried yoga before and walked in feeling like this is exactly where I belonged. Priscilla was warm, welcoming and compassionate from the moment I walked in. And that has yet to change. She brings that compassion and warmth into each and every class; supporting her clients in learning how to support their own body with a world of valuable knowledge and guidance. She takes time to give anyone who walks in the tools and foundation to get to know and empower their mind, body and soul.

Intentions yoga is a space where you can become the best version of your truest self.

The lessons I’ve learned from Priscilla and from my practice are endless, but the most cherished is love. I’ve learned to love myself from body to soul; and how to listen to my body in order to show up for myself when needed. And further; transform that love into compassion for the people and things around me.

The money and time invested into myself and my practice through Priscilla’s programs and immersions is priceless. From the moon circles to the yoga teacher training; I have never left feeling anything less than a full heart and motivation to continue to deepen my practice on and off the mat.

The community that has been created is wonderful. Its amazing to see how far it has come and exciting to see its potential.
— Katrina Johns

I moved to Pottageville in the summer of 2014. At the time I was a novice, sort-of yoga practitioner. I started attending Priscilla’s classes after my particularly physically strenuous job. By the end of the month, I was spending time there almost everyday. It was my place to unwind, be calm and be present, leaving the busyness of my day behind.

Getting to know Priscilla and the community she has built around this space, I was inspired and encouraged to take a yoga teacher training. Because of her support for my personal yoga, mental and spiritual growth, I have been teaching yoga for nearly 3 years and Priscilla gave me my first chance at growing my own yogic teachings within her Studio.

Priscilla demonstrates unwavering patience and capacity to love and belief in the goodness of others. Without her space, encouragement and patience, I would not be the person I am today. She and Intentions Studio helped me blossom into the independent, strong and mindful individual I am today and I know she will continue to spread joy and awareness throughout the community and beyond.
— Kaileigh Faith

I first came to Intentions Yoga almost one year ago on the recommendation of my doctor because I was broken. I knew from the first moment I walked into the environment of her studio and met Priscilla that I was on the right path and my wellness journey had begun. Her gifts of yoga practice, wisdom, knowledge, listening and insight have truly saved me both physically and emotionally.

Coming to practice is always something I look forward to. The moment you walk through the door, there is this blissful sense of calm that completely envelopes you. There’s a sense of community and friendship between everyone you see and meet here. Not to mention all of the cute displays, products, and the little details you see throughout Intentions add such a sense of warmth and comfort— it feels like an extension of ”home”. The best part is that this feeling extends into the actual practice where we have Priscilla’s gentle guidance reminding us to always be listening to our body and that it’s okay wherever we are. She really is an amazing being and has a knack for knowing what her students need and how to get the most out of ourselves in our practice, and ultimately in our day to day lives. I really love everything about and everyone in this place.
— Marika Stepanis

The studio is large and warm allowing for everyone to have personal space, and the lounge area is welcoming to relax with a cup of tea.I have learned so much from Priscilla about my yoga practice and the importance of the breath. Because Priscilla uses cues and support throughout every movement, I feel that I am doing poses correctly and safely. Now, I feel confident to take this knowledge into my own practice.
— Jill Ingham

My best friend and I were looking for a yoga place to go to–I drive by Intentions every single day on our way to work. I had never practiced yoga before, but it was always something I was interested in trying, so I decided to call. I left a message and the rest is history: Priscilla called me back and right away I felt at home. I felt that warm and comfortable feeling, the one you feel when you know you’ve made the right choice!

It was really weird because I felt like I knew Priscilla, yet we had never met, or so I thought! I decided to go on the website and read about her,it said she was a funeral director. Interesting. Could it be? I know a ‘Priscilla’ who’s a funeral director. No it couldn’t – too much of a coincidence I thought. I scrolled down to view a photo of her and all of a sudden my heart skipped. I felt such a beautiful peace. A calm if you will. It made me reach out to her and ask if she remembered me. Oh boy, she did.

My grandmother had passed away almost 11 years ago, she was a mother to me. She raised me, so it was the most difficult expiernace I had gone through. It was like losing my mother and crazy enough Priscilla was our funeral director. What I remembered about Priscilla was the way she made us feel. I was so comfortable with her, she took care of us through the whole process. Her calmness, her way with us, had left me at peace with the whole thing. I had called her with so many questions, she was there through it all.

I am so shocked that almost 11 years later, she would be the one to guide me through another part of my life. It was so beautiful to meet her, to hug her, knowing we shared that experience years ago. I could go on-and-on about it, its such an amazing feeling of connection.

Priscilla is one of the most educated, independent, compassionate and amazing women I’ve ever met. She is a natural healer. I feel such a connection when I am in her presence. Its like I am at home when I am at the Studio.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Priscilla one-to-one. It is amazingly therapeutic. It has helped me so much. She is an awesome, kind, and selfless individual who gives her time serving others. From her beautiful smile, to her warm generous hugs, I am happy to call her my friend. I look so forward to my time with Priscilla. If you’re looking for an amazing place to do yoga, and much more, look no further. Intentions is the place!
— Carmie DiBiase

Priscilla’s wisdom and insight helped me to see myself in a completely different way. She helped me understand, for the first time in my life, why I feel and process things the way I do.
— L.M.

Intentions Yoga & Wellness is absolutely brilliant! It has become an integral part of my weekly routine. Practicing at home with the occasional yoga DVD was just not effective for me. Being in the welcoming, comfortable and safe atmosphere of Intentions has made all the difference. Their attentive and considerate approach is perfect for every level. And the variety of classes and programs offer something for everyone. Shortly after I joined I broke my wrist in a cycling accident and had several other small injuries. One would normally stop or curtail physical activity in order to heal. The beauty of yoga is that it actually promotes the healing process. Priscilla suggested the restorative and meditation classes and they helped enormously with my healing. You’re always encouraged to go at your own pace and I especially like that clear cues and guidance are given throughout each class. The instructors are clearly passionate about your wellness. Every practice provides a new perspective to the mind/body connection. I can see and feel the consistent progress toward a stronger and healthier me. I’m so grateful to have made the connection with Priscilla and her outstanding team at Intentions Yoga & Wellness and the positive impact it has made on my life. Five stars!
— D.M.

I had the pleasure of having my bridal shower at the Studio. Not only was the space beautiful, but Priscilla + her team were the perfect hosts. It was such a special and memorable gathering for me, and I would absolutely recommend this space!
— Amber Ellis

Everyone is welcome and there is no pressure to be anything other than you. That first visit I immediately felt comfortable and no longer worried if I would fit in. Everyone fits in. In class, each pose is explained in details and helpful advice is given so you are able to understand how to achieve them. I ask for corrections and they are given in a very quiet, gentle, compassionate way. At Intentions Yoga, there is no right or wrong way to practice, just what is right for you. At any time during class if you need to take a break, you are encouraged to do so. I asked for advice on which classes would suit my needs and they patiently took the time to help me. I was also welcome to try any of the other classes whenever I wanted. The most amazing thing that I have discovered is that my Fibromyalgia pain is improving. While I am in class, I have zero pain. Even on the days that the pain is almost unbearable, when I am doing my practice, I have no pain. To explian what a miracle this is for me, I have not been able to do anything without pain for two years.
— L.M.

Its been through my own healing and reflections that I’ve come to know the following as truth:

Breath is both our initiation into movement and our still point. It bathes the moments in between. We enter this life with an inhalation, and exit with an exhalation. In this life our breath is always with us. If we can be in right relationship to our breath, everything centres.

I believe Nature to be our greatest teacher, and that our life experiences alongside a willingness to learn will bestow the best wisdom throughout the journey.

Nurturing insatiable Curiosity and Humour will keep you forever young.

Practicality and Magic do co-exist.

Commitment to Self Love, is Self Mastery; it is the greatest investment you can make towards your own vitality. Never underestimate the power it holds to positively impact those your care for most, your community, our planet, and future generations to come.

Presence. Integrity. Commitment. Embodiment. These four friends will always see you through.

The thread that runs through all my services is compassion and love. For self, for others and for this incredible planet we inhabit. An understanding that wholeness and well being are possible, and can be nurtured. It is only when you take care of yourself that you can truly sustain taking care of others from a place of integrity, and that includes our beautiful Mother Earth.