Curated to compliment with Nature – in Ayurveda this time of year is the cusp as Kapha Season transitions into Pitta Season. 

Our practices are curated to soothe and cool for the Season –  setting your system in alignment – to help unwind from the months past, and prepare for months ahead. We'll be taking real time to soften into breath, to soften into words, to soften into heart. We'll be taking real time to nourish our selves through taste, through texture, through presence. 

Our menu is thoughtfully influenced by Ayurveda in connection to how we nourish ourselves with foods that help pacify the heat. 

All with the intention to nurture and support internal reservoirs that may be feeling taxed, worn or depleted.

To reset, recharge and revitalize. 

Your willingness to travel outside of Ontario to work with my global business colleagues, guiding us to engage in deeper, stronger and more meaningful communication by taking our practice from the mat to the boardroom was nothing short of - extraordinary. How divine it is to know the meditation, movement and wellness space you have created within the King community can be transported anywhere.
— Sherry Sibio | Owner of Achievers World Wide

A natural escape set in beautiful King Township–transition through your day with ease and inspiration at our beautiful Studio surrounded by a cedar forest. Enjoy local hiking trails, the rolling hills of Oak Ridges Moraine & family farms.

Weekend Immersions are sometimes held in Studio or we’re exploring Ontario by visiting our Northern neighbours–including Simcoe, Muskoka & Algonquin.

Global Retreats–Eco Conscious & Luxury Off Grid experiences. We’ve explored the beaches and jungles of Hawaii & Costa Rica, and enjoy visiting Europe for its connection with our personal ancestry. Join in curated Retreats that will have you feeling connected to sensual simplicity, Nature, and the many gifts of travel.


Looking for support to curate your own Retreat?

Services include assisting Teams, Facilitators & Families, both locally and globally, in creating experiences and gatherings that are filled with connection, communication, purpose and joy. We welcome you to be in touch with inquiries.

I was fortunate enough to travel to Costa Rica on a solstice retreat led by Priscilla and it was truly a ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’. I’ve been lucky enough to see many parts of the world, but never before have I so mindfully experienced and interacted with a new place. I was able to open myself up to new ideas, to new creativity, and new parts of myself that I would have otherwise never known. With Priscilla’s support, this retreat allowed me to discover so many wonderful and difficult things about myself and I think about its impact often. I am so grateful to have connected with Priscilla in the way that I did on this trip and, to have created a friendship I deeply cherish.
— Emily Mitchell


We’ve received additional interest for another Silent Saturday since we hosted this offering last year. Keep an eye for upcoming dates. This Day Retreat includes a locally catered lunch.

You have the option to register below for our Retreat Updates–we send information for Retreats only to this list.