3 Month Immersion Program


Facilitator: Priscilla Filipe

At the cellular level, we are made of tiny atoms–vibrating. It’s science.

There is no doubt that when we turn our gaze inward and begin to explore within, we discover we are made of energy. Many ancient teachings work with the body energetically, and quantum science explores this in our modern world.

Tapping into your unique Emotional Intelligence facilitates a more intuitive experience of self guidance within your life as a whole. It honours the deepest parts of yourself, so you may create your life and relationships from a place of high integrity through personal sustainability, support and connection.

Knowing how to check in with your emotional body allows you to create an on-going conversation with yourself that is compassionate, alert and honest. It allows you to discern where your emotions end and someone else’s begin. Combined with breath awareness and meditation these practices create a baseline to help eradicate mental chaos, fear, burnout and fragmentation from thoughts and behaviours.

When positive transformation is experienced internally, we begin to see this change ripple out externally. By aligning your thoughts and feelings you create a frequency that positively influences how others receive you, this is how we communicate and articulate ourselves effectively with integrity. Movement and Meditation practices include how you understand engagement, the input and output of energy with resistance, and gravity as support. We’ll explore the subtle signs your body brilliantly provides you with – our nervous system is in a contact state of receiving and sending information. These practices support closing the the gap of disconnection, and shifting into intelligent awareness and ease.

Designed to connect you back to your hearts innate wisdom of feeling first – the beautiful part of cultivating intuitive practice is that it honours your unique energy levels and emotions to help ensure that the areas you place attention and effort in your life are sustainable and supportive to your current circumstances and vision of your self.

I so appreciate how she uses her experience with the inner journey and how it impacts our emotions, nervous system and mobility, and alchemizes that into instruction that resonates with my heart versus a list of ‘do’s and don’t.
— Tricia Best Hurtubise

The lessons I’ve learned from Priscilla and from my practice are endless, but the most cherished is love. I’ve learned to love myself from body to soul; and how to listen to my body in order to show up for myself when needed. And further; transform that love into compassion for the people and things around me.
— Katrina Johns

Receive personalized guidance and hands on support as we explore:

  • Advanced Breath Practices

  • Sensory & Self Awareness

  • Heart Centring Practices & Connection

  • Meditation Techniques & Practice for mental focus and emotional clarity

  • Energetic Anatomy & Visceral Behaviour, how emotion shows up in our physical body and manifestations

  • Body Language & Posture for emotional balance and positive signalling to your nervous system

  • Main Energy Centres & Pathways

  • Intro into Elements and their energy properties, including movement techniques

  • Healthy Boundaries, Emotional Entanglements & Compassion

  • Visioning, Feeling & Manifesting with Intention

  • Creating & Holding Space for yourself and others

  • Commitment to Self & Love

  • Explore in detail how your body, mind and emotions are highly connected and influence one another to create the frame work for your experiences

  • We’ll discuss and practice in detail how to activate specific pathways to reframe any fragments or disconnections in your system through purposeful movement, compassionate thought, breath and awareness

Priscilla demonstrates unwavering patience and capacity to love and belief in the goodness of others. Without her space, encouragement and patience, I would not be the person I am today. She and Intentions Studio helped me blossom into the independent, strong and mindful individual I am today and I know she will continue to spread joy and awareness throughout the community and beyond.
— Kaileigh Faith

Includes conversation, education and practice through:

  • Weekly Online Theory Modules + Discussions // recorded for replay // approx 1hr each

  • Three Group Immersions in person // guided techniques + practices // 6 hr full day immersions, held once per month in person

  • Includes Three Individual 1:1 Appointments with me // 60min each

  • Continued Hands-on support + exploration of your unique alignment while infusing the subtle awareness we’re exploring to advance your practices in ways that most supports you

  • Prompts for home practice, self study + discovery

  • Guided meditations and techniques, with supported exploration and practices

  • Unlimited email support for duration of the program

For YOU because you now recognize

  • how healing it feels to carve dedicated space for yourself within a supportive group

  • how self study positively influences your well being and sense of purpose

  • how investing in yourself provides you with more energy to support those you love

For YOU because taking care of your emotions and being responsible for your energy means

  • greater mental focus and clarity

  • positive self actualization and presence

  • fine tuning your awareness to physical and emotional sensation and quality of thought

  • tapping into how feeling your way through life positively influences your experiences

  • more vitality, energy and strength overall physically, emotionally and mentally

  • more overall ease and fluidity within yourself, with others and how you move through your life

  • a deeper connection and commitment to your spirit

  • a vision and intention for yourself that feels connected and fulfilling

  • you’ll understand how subtle energy awareness strengthens posture, physical movement and emotional connection

  • create home + travel practices that are intuitive and supportive

  • nurturing a relationship of self healing, compassionate communication + trust within yourself

  • more freedom + grace in how you carry yourself overall

Priscilla’s unique flare of engagement makes for a safe and compassionate learning environment. Her genuine care, coupled with her extensive knowledge, creates an informative and non judgemental haven. She has mastered the art of listening which enables her to guide and give courage with ease and sincerity.
— Rose Pallotto

Our time together includes longer practices and deeper conversations.

I'd love for you to experience the freedom subtle energy awareness provides. It is through intuitive connection and emotional intelligence you’ll further evolve and experience how an integrated approach enhances your life.

I would compare it to a mastermind group where there is a synergy of energy, support, great insights, shared knowledge and a common goal for life improvement. And beyond that it’s a lot of fun!
— Diane Marhan


Online Theory Modules | weekly live discussion + recorded for replay:

Theory Modules held each week Online to lead you in guided practices, and discuss specific topics from the practices, techniques and immersion explorations for more clarity + Q&A. Theory Modules are approximately 1hr each week.

Three Group Immersions | 6 hours Full Day Immersions, held once per month in person:

Weekend dates Available, held in person once per month from 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Includes Individual 1:1 Sessions:

Includes Three Individual 1:1 Sessions with me. This time is dedicated to your personal wellness – this time can include physical, emotional and spiritual support. Coordinated with you individually upon Registration.


Full Program: $1850 CND // includes taxes
Early Bird Pricing: $1665 CND // includes taxes // Receive 10% before August 20th // Available with pay plan and pay in full option

Option I // Full Payment with Early Bird: Receive a Complimentary Unlimited 3 Month Membership + Early Bird Pricing

Option II // Payment Plan with Early Bird: 3 equal instalments of $555 when you first installment is received before August 20th

Early Bird Pricing // Receives 10% before August 20th

Early Bird Pricing Available with Pay Plan AND Pay in Full option

Pay in Full Option // Receive a Complimentary Unlimited 3 Month Membership


Its Early Bird! You’re receiving 10% OFF!!

Option I // Full Payment with: $1655 CND // includes taxes // You’re also receiving a Complimentary Unlimited 3 Month Membership when paying in full for this course

Option II // Pay Plan First Installment: $555 CND // includes taxes // You’re still receiving the Early Bird rate!