Education, Conversation & Practice

Our programs are designed to expand your perceptive, deepen your knowledge and enhance how you experience wellness within your own being. Programs often include complimentary memberships for local clients, and complimentary offerings for global clients.

Programs are offered both in Studio & Online

We offer Programs both in Studio & Online; the format of each program is unique to how the content and modules are best received, and sometimes we blend both in person, and online formats.

Designed to Evolve

Designed to progress you as you build your knowledge and experience along the way. Choose from and explore the multi-layers of being human and infinite.

Practical. Functional. Effective.

Practical practices based in Anatomy, Functional Movement, Alignment, Posture, Pelvic Floor Strength & Engagement–informing and enriching your everyday activities and tasks, alongside building your movement, yoga, and meditation practice.

Intentional. Soulful. Intuitive.

Practices of Ancient Wisdom, Soul Connection, Somatic & Sensory Awareness, Emotional Intelligence & Intuitive Self Study–grounding and integrating subtle energy for a deeper connection to your self, and the infinite. Often weaving nourishing movement practices and Ayurveda wisdom with creative expression through writing prompts, meditation, journeying and reflection.

I would compare it to a mastermind group where there is a synergy of energy, support, great insights, shared knowledge and a common goal for life improvement. And beyond that it’s a lot of fun!
— Diane Marhan




Facilitator: Priscilla Filipe

Integrating a deeper relationship to your physical body, balance and movement practice. Receive personalized guidance and hands on support as we explore optimal alignment and unique modification for YOUR Body.

Includes monthly group immersions held in Studio, theory modules + discussion circles hosted online, personal & individual 1:1 support, and a complimentary membership.

Understand the mechanics of the human body in an approachable way, without feeling overwhelmed by anatomy. A tool box of practices that supports your well-being, and will remain relevant throughout your life. This program is practical for every day breathing, moving and living in your human body. much more than just postures. It allows one to truly connect with themselves and explore their deep intentions so as to lead a rich and meaningful life. A life that intricately connects movement, mindfulness and meditation. For me, it is providing a road map to my life of purpose.
— Rose Pallotto




Facilitator: Priscilla Filipe

At the cellular level, we are made of tiny atoms–vibrating. It’s science.

There is no doubt that when we turn our gaze inward and begin to explore within, we discover we are made of energy. Many ancient teachings work with the body energetically, and quantum science explores this in our modern world.

Understanding energetic practice will completely up level your movement practice and how you understand engagement. Learn to use the input and output of energy with resistance and gravity as support. Explore emotional and Visceral Behaviours, how to detect these patterns of holding in your body, and shift them with more awareness and ease.

This facilitates a more intuitive experience of self guidance within your life as a whole by honouring the deepest parts of yourself, so you may create your life and relationships from a place of high integrity through personal sustainability, support and connection.

Priscilla demonstrates unwavering patience and capacity to love and belief in the goodness of others. Without her space, encouragement and patience, I would not be the person I am today. She and Intentions Studio helped me blossom into the independent, strong and mindful individual I am today
— Kaileigh Faith



Facilitator: Priscilla Filipe

Day Module led in Studio–explore experiential practices of presence within your physical body to ground and find more ease within your spine.

Retrain fallen arches, gain flexibility in the toes and ankles, and understand by experiencing what balance and dexterity feel like in your body.

Learn techniques and engagement for more stability and balance that translate into everyday tasks.This Module has been one of my most transformational teachings for clients. I teach you how to move from your feet up through your centre without compromising your spine, including techniques for safe back-bending and forward-folding.

An excellent place to begin for anyone seeking more stability and ease overall. Great for those new to Yoga & Movement practices, or as a refresher for seasoned practitioners to correct imbalances improving how you relate to right effort.

The money and time invested into myself and my practice through Priscilla’s programs and immersions is priceless. From the moon circles to the yoga teacher training; I have never left feeling anything less than a full heart and motivation to continue to deepen my practice on and off the mat. The community that has been created is wonderful. Its amazing to see how far it has come and exciting to see its potential.
— Katrina Johns




Facilitator: Priscilla Filipe

Enrollment in both Progression Series I & II is recommended prior to enrolling for this Advanced Module, as they will provide you with the physical foundation, and subtle awareness that is necessary to move into advanced learning and exploration, safely and enthusiastically.

Exceptions for this enrollment my be made for those with an Intermediate to Advanced movement practice, and are desiring to deepen the diversity of your current personal practices, or professional facilitation.

Priscilla’s wisdom and insight helped me to see myself in a completely different way. She helped me understand, for the first time in my life, why I feel and process things the way I do.
— L.M.

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Facilitator: Priscilla Filipe

Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space–energetic and elemental support through sensory and guided visual practices.

I designed this program for those who are seeking an in-depth approach to self study. All practices will be guided Online in real time, alongside theory + discussion and individual 1:1 support along the way.

Cycles, Rhythms, Seasons & Patterns–knowing Nature as your biggest support in how your life transitions, we are mirrors of the Natural world and to recognize these textures and sensations within yourself provides deep support and practicality. Natural and rhythmic remedies that respond too, and soothe your nervous systems. We each have a unique constitution and through Ayurveda support, understand your energetic coding and explore why specific environments, movement, foods, and relationship dynamics interact with you uniquely.

Included with this program:

  • Meditative Journey’s Series | led Online in real time

  • Theory + Discussion Modules

  • Guided home practices for self study

  • Planetary Alignments & Soul Intentions for your continued progression

  • Individual 1:1 Support



Facilitator: Priscilla Filipe

Join me for this guided video series designed to build lung capacity, retention and diaphragm control through breath technique and variation. Each day builds upon the next with a simple and easy to follow format.

Includes 10 days of breath, each followed by a mini meditation + Receive 3 additional bonus Meditations complimentary!




Facilitator: Priscilla Filipe

I’ve been birthing this Retreat Immersion for a few years. It’s a journey for those willing to be vulnerable with themselves internally, and a culmination of my work lovingly expressed through a Retreat Immersion.

The relationships I’ve nurtured over the years, and continue to do so over this next year, will be offered to join me on this experience. I feel it’s important to only offer this particular immersion to those who have invested in self study and have a foundation in my personal way of teaching, leading and guiding the practices I do. Having an understanding of both the practices and language I use in physical and energetic expression will allow you to immerse in this work with integrity.

With that being said I do invite you to explore my current offerings through 2019 so that you can begin initiating yourself into your unique wellness journey with support. I have many opportunities and tools to connect and let me be clear in saying: you do not need to enroll in every single one of my programs to enter this retreat. I work with clients in many different capacities. If your wondering where to start, The Progression Series I & II provided above is a great place to begin, and my Intentional Love 1:1 Program is also great for those seeking in depth and individual support.

If you have questions about Searching Spaces: A Retreat Immersion, I welcome you to connect with me directly or to join the wait list below.