The creation of Intentions would not have been possible if not for the stability and continued support of this Man.


A talented photographer with an eye for detail–Marcello has served over 16 years within the funeral profession himself. This work is deeply woven into his being and because of our chosen paths it is the very reason we met over twelve years ago. Our connection has no doubt been strengthened from the foundation and values we share in the raw understanding of this work, and the resilience, compassion, dedication and vulnerability the profession taught us over many years of presence and reflection.

There is no one in this world I am more at ease with then him. His love and encouragement have never wavered. He is an incredible human and husband, and I feel absolutely blessed to know him as my true love.

You’ll find his brilliant photography throughout our site & mobile APP. His photos include the stunning shots of our Studio, items from our Boutique, and most of the portrait, group and retreat captures.

A keen eye for Nature, he takes incredible photos of the moon, landscapes and forest. With such a steady hand he’s able to capture unbelievably clear photos with his macro lens, of what I like to call ‘the world of tiny’.

A fun fact: Marcello is also natural drummer, sketch Artist, and an automotive enthusiast!

Below you’ll find our Photography Services, many of which include both Marcello and I as your guide and support through the process.

Personal connection is important to us, we welcome you to be in touch with any inquiries about projects or events you’d like creative imagery for, including website design and builds. Note: many of the photos taken for our site are high resolution but have been compressed for faster web loading results, this is highly recommended, full resolution is available for prints.

Feel welcome to use the ‘Contact Form’ below so we can connect with you personally, and scroll to view Marcello’s gallery for additional photos.



Consider this your own private Day Retreat.

A space to surrender and connect through guided self-care and compassionate self-study. Conversation and a curated blend of quiet reflection, movement and meditation. We honour your essence and capture you authentically, and literally, through this lens.

This package includes a day in Studio or at your preferred location. Priscilla guides your through self-care and expressive practices, while Marcello captures these moments.

This self-love photography package can be fully tailored to meet your personal creative vision, to celebrate you as an expression of self love, or as a collection of professional photos.



One of our favourite expressions.

Silhouette photography is timeless and classic. Its a beautiful way to capture the movement, creative shapes and explorations of the human body.

With lots of room to be playful, and capturing an emotionally moving visual that can be both striking and sensual.



Designed for the Creatives. We tailor packages for Entrepreneurs & Organizations looking to launch, or re-fresh your mission with intention.

Photography Services: photos for websites, product highlights, facility showcasing, and social media portfolio galleries.

Website Design Services: to launch or re-fresh your site, includes designing and building your website.

Copy + Content Services: for websites, presentations, and training manuals to capture and deliver your message clearly, and with purpose.

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We capture the special moments while you enjoy yourself–you’ll have beautiful candid photos you can share, post and place on you social media or website.

Looking for support to curate a Retreat?

Consultation Services are Available–we assist Teams, Facilitators & Families, both locally and globally, in creating experiences and gatherings that are filled with connection, communication, purpose and joy.



Life has many seasons–celebrating the sacred and the every-day.

We’ve included a photo of our beloved kitty as a glimpse into how we believe you can capture cute with classy.

There are many moments to celebrate and we’d love to create a collection of beautiful imagery that connects with you personally.

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