A new experience each time with guided visualizations, sensory practices, breath techniques and awareness, and Yoga Nidra.

Join me in real time Monday evenings at 9:00pm EST – from the cozy comfort of your home, while traveling, or connect from around the globe. All you need is an internet connection and a quiet space where you feel safe to sit, or lay down comfortably.

How to Register:

(i) First Step | Register with ZOOM to receive your link to join the Meditation:

It's suggested to register at least 1 hour in advance to ensure you’re on the roster and that your ‘link to join’ arrives on time. Registrations received after 8:00pm EST cannot be guaranteed admittance. Click the button below to view this month’s upcoming Monday Meditations hosted on ZOOM.

Please Register for any or all of the dates to receive your ‘link to join’ the Meditation–the link will be delivered via email from ZOOM directly to you.

(ii) Second Step | Register your Attendance through your Studio account:

You’ll need to register your Attendance through your Studio Account–this will allow us to credit your account properly and cross reference for attendance.

It is also 100% necessary to do this, especially if it’s your first Meditation or Class with us.

Click the button below, scroll to the Meditation Class of choice and click Book. The system will take you through our simple booking process, and you’ll be all set.

Account credits up-to-date?

By following the two step process above you’ll always be up-to-date by receiving your link to join + keeping your account credits in good standing.

Please Note: only those with valid credits and memberships on Account will be admitted to join the Meditation.

Monday Meditations are included with Studio Memberships & Class Passes. Online Only Memberships are Available–making it the perfect option for Local, Traveling & Global Clients

Don’t have ZOOM on your device? You can download for FREE!

Download the 'ZOOM' application on your laptop and/or smart device for free, this is the platform I use for our Meditation circle each Monday. I’ve included easy button links below so you can access it on your device of choice:

Wondering what all the hype around Meditation is really about?

I’m all about practicality and the benefits are simple: increased focus and creativity – the science is that your brain increases alpha waves which are responsible for stress reduction, clearer thoughts and deep rest. If you understand that our current way of living is moving too fast, with way too many demands and distractions. That stress means a decrease in the quality of joyful connections, fulfillment and sleep. Then you understand how necessary it is to implement a Meditation practice.

If you feel you’re in a constant state of overwhelm or exhaustion.
Try Meditation.

If you feel you need some quality alone time.
Try Meditation

If you feel you need some quiet time to decompress or process.
Try Meditation.

If you feel like your mental focus is almost non-exisitant.
Try Meditation.

If you feel like you run from one task, to another and another.
Try Meditation.

If you feel you don’t have a moment to breathe.
Try Meditation.

If you feel like your at the whim of every one else’s schedule, family and work included.
Try Meditation.

If you want to gain clarity on a creative project or endevour.
Try Meditation.

If you’re working towards a personal or professional goal.
Try Meditation.

If you’re trying to up level your game; be it your health, finances, relationships, or self-care.
Try Meditation.

If you’re thinking of making a life transition of some sort.
Try Meditation.
If you feel like you want to increase your well-being.
Try Meditation. Period.


• We start 9:00pm EST sharp + close circle before 10:00pm (meditation will be between 40 - 60min depending on the practice)
• Join in silence, leave in silence, these are guided practices without group interaction
• I have microphones set to ‘off’ when you arrive in circle, please keep your mic muted to avoid audio feedback and overlap
• I have video cameras set to ‘off’ when you arrive in circle for your privacy. I welcome you to join with, or without your video camera on, its up to you!
• At the end of a cycle I sometimes offer group Q&A Sessions - you'll receive advance notice for these evenings
• I welcome you to connect via email with any questions you may have at any time, I am happy to support you and answer your questions

Please note: only those with valid credits and memberships on account will be admitted to join the meditation. Follow the steps I provided above to receive your link, register your attendance and view your membership options. Online Only Memberships Available. Monday Meditation is included for those with Studio Memberships and/or Class Passes.