Its been through my own healing and reflections that I’ve come to know the following as truth:


Breath is both our initiation into movement and our still point. It bathes the moments in between. We enter this life with an inhalation, and exit with an exhalation. In this life our breath is always with us. If we can be in right relationship to our breath, everything centres.

I believe Nature to be our greatest teacher, and that our life experiences alongside a willingness to learn will bestow the best wisdom throughout the journey.

Nurturing insatiable Curiosity and Humour will keep you forever young.

Practicality and Magic do co-exist.

Commitment to Self Love, is Self Mastery; it is the greatest investment you can make towards your own vitality. Never underestimate the power it holds to positively impact those your care for most, your community, our planet, and future generations to come.

Presence. Integrity. Commitment. Embodiment. These four friends will always see you through.

The thread that runs through all my services is compassion and love. For self, for others and for this incredible planet we inhabit. An understanding that wholeness and well being are possible, and can be nurtured. It is only when you take care of yourself that you can truly sustain taking care of others from a place of integrity, and that includes our beautiful Mother Earth.