We’re a Boutique Studio set in beautiful King Township–we offer meaningful work within community with a personal connection.

A space for you to ground in and grow your own soulful intentions.

Inspired by Nature, our Studio is 2000 sq ft and surrounded by a cedar forest and meandering stream. An open and welcoming environment has been created that allows you to be as you are, without judgment.

Our services include the opportunity to connect in Studio, and through our Online offerings & Immersive Retreats.




Studio Room: Our main Studio Room is an expansive and inviting space alive with plants and a cozy brick fireplace to warmly welcome you. Coffer ceilings and two large bay windows allow in natural light to keep rhythm with each season. This room is home to our movement and meditation Classes, Programs & Educational Trainings, Retreats & Private Event Gatherings.


Boutique: We source Local, Ethical & Fair Trade as our commitment to supporting sustainability & intentional living. Shop Local in Studio, our Online Store is coming soon!


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Wellness Lounge: A relaxed and grounding space created for comfort and community. The perfect spot to sit and enjoy a local organic tea, or to host a small gathering. This area offers soft rugs and a round table, circled by cozy armchairs and cushions set by the fireplace.



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Wellness Rooms: Our two Private Wellness Rooms are dedicated to support 1:1 Sessions with Clients. Our Services include Wellness Consultation & Facilitation, Therapeutic Practices, and Registered Massage Therapy.



Cedar Forest & Garden: A sweet little haven, this natural setting is sometimes weaved into our offerings by integrating time spent outdoors for classes and retreats. The sound of a natural stream welcomes you, and the large grassy area is surrounded by a Cedar Forest–Cedars grow in clusters sharing root systems, carrying the energy of Community, a core value of ours. In many traditions and culture Cedar is a sacred medicine. We are very grateful to have the support of this wise plant on our property. We ask that you please respect the garden and forest, and not clip branches or leaves while visiting. If you feel called to have this space as a part of your time with us, please inquire for details. ***Access is permitted by request only, please check in with reception.


Online Services: Available to Local, Global & Traveling Clients–Priscilla offers select services online including for both individuals and groups. Online Services include Consulting Services, Appointments & Program Facilitation, Program Theory Modules, Meditation & Seasonal packages. These services are delivered via our client portal and online platform for meetings.

The studio is large and warm allowing for everyone to have personal space, and the lounge area is welcoming to relax with a cup of tea.
— Jill Ingham

Looking for a Space to host your Event or Gathering?

Connect with us to inquire:

The moment you walk through the door, there is this blissful sense of calm that completely envelopes you. There’s a sense of community and friendship between everyone you see and meet here. Not to mention all of the cute displays, products, and the little details you see throughout Intentions add such a sense of warmth and comfort—it feels like an extension of ”home”.
— Marika Stepanis

Priscilla has created a welcoming, supportive, and generous space and community, free from judgment. I am truly grateful for all of the time and energy Priscilla has personally dedicated to me and to the studio.
— Emily MItchell