There’s a sense of community and friendship between everyone you see and meet here.
— Marika Stepanis


Explore Awareness through Movement & Meditation

Our classes are led with intention at a slow tempo to awaken deep core stability, enhanced through breath connection.

We guide you through intelligent engagement and functional movement while encouraging mindful awareness and intuitive sensation.

Our spacious practice room means you’ll always have lots of room to move, sway, twist and be–so go ahead and take up the space you need.

Always providing modifications or cheering us on when we try on our own–to achieve what sometimes feels like the impossible. The tone of your voice is always calm–you never rush us. Your words in class are matched by your actions building our trust in working with you.
— Susan Morton-Leonard

Inspired by Modern Movement Culture & Ancient Technique

Experience a blend of breath, movement and meditation practices through:

  • Intelligent & Integral Engagement for core stability, pelvic floor health, balance, natural posture, and everyday human living.

  • Sensory & Somatic Practices that nourish your nervous system for deep release and rest, allowing gravity to do some work for you to help unwind and restore.

  • Breath & Meditation practices that help to stimulate and energize, or relax and calm–according to the season or your cycle of life.

  • Hatha, Yin & Vinyasa Yoga that include long holds and flowing sequences to encourage breath control, strength, mobility, and increased heart rate.

  • Natural & Primal Movement for playful exploration that strengthens, restores function and joint mobility.

  • Myofascial Techniques & Engaged Stretching for joint health, intelligent resistance feedback in the body, and most importantly maintaining space in the spine.

  • Exploration of Props to encourage advancement and modification: blocks, dowels, bolsters, blankets, therapy balls and more.


We’re a fully equipped Studio. We have a variety of props available in our practice room for class use and offer a props courses to study their use. Looking to purchase your own props for home practice, or as a gift? We also carry many of these items in our Boutique, or can custom order by request.

I have been encouraged to use my breath, focus on proper alignment instead of just getting to the asana, understanding the benefits of core strength and that the time and process on the mat is reserved for me and me alone.
— Karen Whetstone


A Semi-Private Experience

Although we can accommodate large groups for events, we’re committed to keeping our class sizes small and intimate.


This helps maintain the semi-private experience so many of you have come to love and appreciate.

Personal connection is important to us, and learning from facilitators who have a keen eye for your unique alignment means you’ll receive focused cues that are beneficial for your individual progression.

Our spacious practice room means you’ll always have lots of room to move, sway, twist and be–so go ahead and take up the space you need.

We recommend Registering for Classes in Advance!

Your presence at practice helps up grow–because when class attendance grows, so do we. We’re happy to add additional classes and times to schedule when current classes consistently reach the semi-private capacity.

Share our classes with those you love, everyone benefits!

You’ll find many intentional details, subtle and obvious, throughout our space. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Inspired by Nature our beautiful bay windows let in natural light to keep rhythm with each Season. No mirrors in our practice room nurtures inward and intuitive exploration. We encourage self internal temperature regulation through breath engagement and technique, it’s a more intelligent way to warm and cool your body–our space is set at a comfortable ‘household’ temperature of 23ºC. Items available in our Boutique are sourced Local, Ethical & Fair Trade.

I never tried yoga before and walked in feeling like this is exactly where I belonged. Priscilla was warm, welcoming and compassionate from the moment I walked in. And that has yet to change. She brings that compassion and warmth into each and every class; supporting her clients in learning how to support their own body with a world of valuable knowledge and guidance. She takes time to give anyone who walks in the tools and foundation to get to know and empower their mind, body and soul.
— Katrina Johns


Membership options include Introductory Series, Class Passes & Unlimited Memberships.

Our on-going weekly schedule provides connection through your week both in Studio & Online.

Want to feel more confident practicing at home, and in studio?

Consider Program Enrollment or Individual 1:1 Facilitation

Our Programs often include complimentary Class Passes & Memberships

Get the most from your week-to-week classes through our Program Enrollment & Individual Facilitation–designed to expand your knowledge & deepen your experience. Only so much can be taught within 1 hour during a class, our Programs & Individual Facilitation offer an immersive, and educational experience to infuse wellness throughout all areas of your life and help cultivate balance where you need it most.

What I have discovered about yoga though Intentions is that it can be so much more than just a physical practice. I have learned how to listen to my body.... I have learned how to speak kindly to myself, how to be patient with myself, and how to make discomfort an opportunity for growth. These are principles I carry with me beyond the studio, into every facet of my life.
— Emily Mitchell