Breathing into, or creating resistance within your body is a massive tool for strength and release–this body feedback provides more intelligent engagement, and keeps you within your natural range to avoid over stretching and instability within your joints.

We want to increase spinal articulation and mobility, encourage natural posture and functional movement alongside attentiveness to your breath.

Within all my movement teachings and practices my main focus is that:

(i) you maintain control over your breath, (ii) you keep length in your spine (iii) you properly weight bear and engage.

Never compromising the spines integrity. Never. Ever.

I view the human body from an internal perspective and help you understand your body with new appreciation and depth. Its important, because we live in these bodies. Every. Single. Day.

Through intelligent practice you may gain freedom in movement, heal from injury, and release holding patterns that cause limitation or pain, while restoring ease.



Facilitator: Priscilla Filipe

Three Private Sessions with Priscilla

This package is designed to foster candid interactions with clients that lend space to experiencing the foundations of proper breath technique, safe alignment, unique modification, and exploration of mindfulness practices.

Each Session is individually tailored for you, offered in Studio or Online.

A great place to begin, or advance your practices of self-care through breath, movement and meditation.



Facilitator: Priscilla Filipe

Group Day Module led in Studio led by Priscilla

Explore experiential practices of presence within your physical body to ground and find more ease within your spine. Integral and subtle engagement create stability in your feet through adjustments that is unique to your body.

Learn techniques and engagement for more stability and balance that translate into everyday tasks, including techniques for safe back-bending and forward-folding.

An excellent place to begin for anyone seeking more stability and ease overall. Great for those new to Yoga & Movement practices, or as a refresher for seasoned practitioners to correct imbalances improving how you relate to ‘right effort’.