Holding space for thousands of people has taught me how precious presence is through all of life’s sacred cycles

As a former funeral director I’ve guided individuals and families through some of the most emotional and vulnerable of times. A former embalmer, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to literally peer inside the human body, a perspective which informs much of what I lead in my functional movement and anatomy based practices.

This work was my training ground in many ways–it taught me so much about compassion, patience, vulnerability and resilience. It opened my eyes to the many realities and different journeys we each embark on. How incredibly fragile and strong we are.

This work deeply influenced my connection to breath, the human body, spirit, and the sacred cycles of life. It led me to where I am now and the many tools I bring forward to my clients. My appreciation for culture, tradition, ritual and ceremony were infused with honour and respect. When I reflect on how many 'bodies' I've literally held in my own hands, how many people both alive and departed that I've cared for, there is no mistaking that this work fed my love for all people and what it means to be of service.

It also taught me so much about myself–my internal reservoirs, capacity for resilience, and what it means to be humble. It also taught me how important self-care is, and that respecting my own needs and boundaries is healthy and necessary to live fully expressed.

The physical body has always been gateway for me

Its an access point available to each of us on this earth. What I’ve found is that when we pay attention to the physical matter we are made of we’re more likely to respect Nature and take care of Her. When we realize that our body is home to our spirit in this life, we’re more likely to love this temple and express more freely through it. Our spirit is the eternal part of us that knows no physical boundary of this human experience, connected to the infinite, the seen and unseen realities that surround and engage with us daily. Your spirit has many messages for you, and it is through your body that you can access this incredibly dense and wise information, living and loving through intention to create from your souls most connected desires.

My grandmother passed away almost 11 years ago...Priscilla was our funeral director. What I remembered about Priscilla was the way she made us feel. I was so comfortable with her, she took care of us through the whole process. Her calmness, her way with us, had left me at peace with the whole thing....I am so shocked that almost 11 years later, she would be the one to guide me through another part of my life...Priscilla is one of the most educated, independent, compassionate and amazing women I’ve ever met. She is a natural healer. I feel such a connection when I am in her presence. Its like I am at home when I am at the Studio.
— Carmie DiBiase

I specialize in connecting people to subtle, internal awareness

For you these subtleties may be very physical and practical; proper alignment or subtle engagement, better weight bearing for natural posture–living more freely and pain free in your body. It may be awareness to subconscious holding patters in thoughts and beliefs–the underlying forces that create your current experiences. It never ceases to amaze me how our physical self will often transform our emotional self. All these subtleties and more show up in different ways for different people.

Our physical body can be a source of great pain or pleasure. It is a vessel that carries ancient knowledge within its cells, and yet has the undeniable ability to evolve. It is our greatest gift in this life to acknowledge, experience and ground our soul’s expression.

Blending practices of Ancient & Evolutionary wisdom

I offer an in-depth, personal approach and conversation sharing the knowledge I have gathered through years of facilitation, professional studies, travels and personal experience. I have a deep love for the human body and continue to study how physical manifestations are often linked to emotion. Our tissues, and our senses provide a multi-faceted experience to vitality and intuition.

I weave emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness, working with you as a whole.

Its all connected. As are you.

I felt instantly comfortable with Priscilla because of her ability to really listen to me without judgment—this is a rare gift. I so appreciate how she uses her experience with the inner journey and how it impacts our emotions, nervous system and mobility, and alchemizes that into instruction that resonates with my heart versus a list of “dos and don’ts”. She is diligent when it comes to her vision of creating a holistic and integrated experience for all her clients and I admire her for her clarity on how to create wellness for each client she works with. If you want a unique and intuitive experience, I highly recommend working with Priscilla.
— Tricia Best Hurtubise

Over sixteen years ago I found myself in massive pain with two bulging discs and severe sciatica. It was the physical pain that initiated me into the world of self-care and movement and saw me through the years of my funeral directing career, these practices and modalities continue as an ever evolving process of study, learning and listening.

Our bodies play a massive role in our wellness. It is through the body we experience this human life, and connect our spirit into a physical expression. In both motion and stillness, we’re having a sensory experience that is both seen and unseen.

Together, with curiosity we’ll explore:

Sensory, Somatic & Breath Awareness:

Breath awareness creates a baseline for everyday experiences–it is the foundation to our health. It grounds us into presence and sensation. It links directly to our nervous system helping to cultivate a conversation with your emotional body that is intuitive, insightful and compassionate. Stress and discomfort can be linked to holding patterns that cause tensions that create disruption in vitality. Your body is consistently providing you with subtle feedback. Through supported practices, connection and real conversation I provide you with ways to connect to this brilliant and incredibly intelligent system.

Alignment, Engagement & Posture:

Breathing into, or creating resistance within your body is a massive tool for strength and release–this body feedback provides more intelligent engagement, and keeps you within your natural range to avoid over stretching and instability within your joints. We want to increase spinal articulation and mobility, encourage natural posture and functional movement, alongside attentiveness to your breath.

Subtle internal engagements and a slow approach to motion allows you to discern ‘right effort’ within your own body. Within all my movement teachings and practices my main focus is that (i) you maintain control over your breath (ii) you keep length in your spine (iii) you properly weight bear and engage. Often it is along the movement chain that we discover areas of over exertion or under engagement, it is these spots along the movement chain that need more attention. We also may find areas that hold memories or emotions. We want to curiously explore these lines of movement, always keeping multiple lines of tension to ensure the spine stays elongated, never compromising the spines integrity. Never. Ever.

I view the human body from an internal perspective and help you understand your body with new appreciation and depth. Its important, because we live in these bodies. Every. Single. Day. Through intelligent practice you can gain freedom in movement, heal from injury, and release holding patterns that cause limitation or pain, while restoring ease. On a physical level this improves: circulation, digestion, strength, stability, balance, better foot dexterity, mobility, flexibility and function, and most importantly gaining spinal articulation and improving your breath capacity.

Mindfulness, Mental Focus & Meditation:

Mindfulness can be a part of every moment, we do not need to sit and meditate. Although meditation is a tool in mindfulness, the two are different practices that simply compliment one another. Mindfulness is an act of awareness and presence. Meditation is a great practice to increase awareness and mental focus in your life.

I lead guided meditation practices in visualization, breath technique, sensory awareness, yoga nidra, meditative journey’s, mantra and relaxation techniques. Each meditation is unique, serving as both an intuitive and practical tool that encourages healthy internal connection.

I also assist clients with tailored practices to help re-direct thought patterns and beliefs through intentional self dialogue and active participation in conscious thought and word. This encourages clarity, focus and strengthens positive self actualization for your personal and professional life.

Spiritual Guidance, Soul Expression & Essence:

Coming back to your heart through soul connection and intention–I’ve had the privilege in sharing many heartfelt conversations and spirit guided experiences with my clients, many of which are of different faiths and culture, and this is always respected. Connecting with your essence enlivens a sense of depth and richness. There is a wealth of knowledge that is innate, an internal wisdom to be recognized. When we lead our lives from this place it nurtures deep support and joy within our lives, it elevates our vibrancy and allows us to embody a palpable presence. Don’t ever forget that you have access to this, it belongs to you. I’m here to remind you of this, and with your willingness–weave the essence of your spirit into anything and everything we create through our time together.

Our relationship has grown through sharing life experiences, standing bare foot in lavender fields, listening to the roar of swollen rivers, watching pollen fall like snowflakes from the forest, defying gravity during flying crow practice, questioning, exploring, sharing music, writing poems, drawing, encouraging self discovery through painting and responding to each day honestly, confidentially and with an open heart.

All the while, Priscilla offered a place of balance and guidance. She listened. She taught me to be aware and understand that in the silence and the shadows I can find alignment to my true self. In a culture, that leans towards reactive care instead of preventative, busyness instead of meditation, personality instead of character, Priscilla has earned a well respected place in our community as a leader in self awareness and empowerment. I am honoured to have Priscilla as my teacher, my guide through the galaxy and my friend.
— Karen Whetstone