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Yoga Class Descriptions

Online Guided Meditation

Guided visualization and meditation with breath techniques, Yoga Nidra and a new experience each time. Still the mind in a safe environment to help quiet the self. All levels are welcome. Enjoy.

Starting Monday June 4th 2018 Monday Meditation is being hosted via our Online Circle Only.

Join Priscilla live each Monday evening at 8:00PM from the cozy comfort of your home for Monday Meditation - No experience necessary.

Registration for Meditation is Required:
To Register: All you need to do is copy the ZOOM link provided below into your browser, and a link to join the circle will be sent to you via email, once received click off each date and this will register you for a total of 13 weeks.

If you do not have the 'ZOOM' application on your laptop and/or smartphone, simply download it for free to your device and then Register via the link below.

ZOOM LINK for Registration:

Included in your Studio Memberships:
• Unlimited Memberships: this online practice is included in your Membership
• Studio Class Passes: this online practice is equal to one Class Pass per Meditation

Monday Meditation Package | for Online only:
• For those that practice with Priscilla online only, or because you are located globally - A Meditation Package is available for you: Join Priscilla for 13 weeks of Meditation via our Online Circle for $170

Kids Yoga

Ages 5 – 14 years

Fun, interactive and creative classes. Designed to inspire, excite and ignite your child! Non-competitive environment exploring Traditional Hatha yoga with simple breath and relaxation exercises.


For anyone seeking meditative practice and/or for anyone with injury or limitation. With the use of props this class is designed to help the body and mind open in a supported and relaxed way. Complimented by deep breath work, take the time to fully breathe into each asana (posture). Leave feeling restored and inspired. Welcoming all levels and for those seeking time for quiet and reflection.

Family Yoga

Children with Parents and Guardians participating. Fun and interactive classes designed for families to take time to bond and share!

Gentle Hatha

A focused flow that helps to gently open the body and the mind. Postures are held to help enhance internal stillness with awareness of breath. A low impact practice, modifications and variations are given throughout. An excellent practice to slowly build strength and alignment. Designed for all levels, and welcoming advanced practitioners to explore and dig deeper.

Hatha Flow

A slow and challenging practice that awakens deep core muscles and builds strength to enhance smooth and effortless transitions from posture to posture. Get deeper into your breath and practice, explore the engagement of your movement. A slow burn.

Core Flow

A vigorous power-practice designed to challenge and energize. With a focus on core strength, balance, posture and alignment. This class is beneficial to anyone seeking to enhance their overall concentration and center of balance while linking free flowing movement with breath creating a graceful and strong practice.


Baby Age 0 – 4 years with Mom and/or Dad

Connect with your child in a relaxed safe environment. Learn soothing techniques for baby and you!

Partner Yoga

Request a class! Bring a partner; it can be anyone you love! If attending on your own, we can pair you up! Each class is unique providing different methods to incorporate fun and interactive ways to connect with each other. Great for Team Building!

Yoga in the Garden

A natural escape, our outdoor garden space has a large grassy area at the edge of the natural woods with a flowing stream that runs through the property, providing the perfect setting for our outdoor yoga and meditation.

Clients with paid memberships or class passes, yoga classes in the garden are included in your membership. Clients new to our space, packages or drop in classes are for purchase.

*Suggested items for your practice: yoga mat (optional), towel, water, sunscreen, hat.

*Schedule weather dependant

Family Yoga
(Alternating Saturdays)

Children 5 – 14 years with Parents and Guardians participating

Fun and interactive classes designed for families to take time to bond and share!

Children Only Yoga (Alternating Saturdays)

Ages 5 – 14 years

Fun, interactive and creative classes. Designed to inspire, excite and ignite your child! Non-competitive environment exploring traditional Hatha yoga with simple breath and relaxation exercises.

Men's Only

Pilates — Coming Soon

Men's Only Yoga

Coming Soon!

Private 1 hr Session

Dig deeper into self discovery through private sessions. Designed to target personal requirements on all levels. A safe environment is created through building a professional relationship together as we explore what you need to begin or to deepen your practice. Call studio for details. 905. 590. 7679

Hatha Flow

A Hatha practice that incorporates flow movement by linking the breath as we transition into each posture.


Shake + Shimmy!

Warm-up with hip rotations, SHAKE + SHIMMY as we explore Femininity, Focus and Free Spirited Fun. Move through core and belly awareness, working towards combining a FULL Bellydance Routine

Tuesday evenings 6:30 - 7:30pm - $12 per class for 7 weeks.

Already have a yoga membership with us at Intentions Yoga Studio?
Receive a complimentary 45 min relaxation massage here in our Wellness Room!

Massage to be scheduled at your leisure!

*HIP SCARVES available for purchase when registering

Bliss Hips

Hip-opening postures can help ease back pain and improve circulation in the legs. On an energetic level, we hold stress and emotions in our pelvic area. By opening the hips we can help relieve these emotions and let go. All levels


Private Sessions

We offer Private Sessions within our Wellness Room here at Intentions Yoga Studio.

~ Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)
~ Classical Homeopathy
~ Polarity Therapy
~ Sound Healing with Himalayan Singing Bowls

Call 905. 590. 7679 or Email too book your session today.

See our PRICING page, under 'Additional Services' for more details.

Wellness Services

We offer Private Sessions within our Wellness Rooms here at Intentions Yoga Studio.

~ Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)
~ Relaxation & HOT STONE Massage
~ Qi-Gong
~ PSYCH-K® Sessions
~ Classical Homeopathy
~ Polarity Therapy

Call 905. 590. 7679 or email: to book your session today.

See our PRICING page, under 'Additional Services' for more details.

Yoga for Beginners

New To Yoga? Do you know someone who is curious but apprehensive to try?

We will be adding a new class to schedule for those who are new to yoga, those who want to get a solid foundation or a refresher for the basics of the practice. Taught by Priscilla, this class will focus on body mechanics and safe alignment, working from where you are today. Learn proper names of postures and become familiar with how to properly engaged the body and breath.

Complimentary with any Yoga Membership at Intentions Yoga

Pre Natal Yoga

We will engage in breathing exercises in preparation of the birth, safe and mindful movement and stretching to comfort the body and the unborn child, and meditations specifically geared towards putting the expecting mother at ease. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions around pregnancy, birthing, and life as a new mother. As in our classes there will be expecting mothers in different stages of their pregnancies, we will carefully explore what is and what is not appropriate for certain stages during the gestation.

As always check with you medical and health care practitioners to ensure these practices are suitable for you.