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Founded in 2013, Intentions Yoga & Wellness Studio opened it's doors with the intention to provide the community a safe space for self-care through movement, mindfulness practices and wellness services. With a focus on whole health, the Studio offers a variety of group and private sessions, workshops, events and retreats.

An open and welcoming environment has been created, that allows you to be as you are, without judgement. At Intentions Yoga & Wellness Studio a conscious team of Wellness Practitioners and Facilitators offer meaningful work within the community, a personal connection and space for you to ground in and grow your own intentions.

Meditation | Movement | Wellness Studio

Intentions is beautiful Yoga & Wellness Studio that is set in the hamlet of Pottageville, the studio space also extends to the outdoors with a garden in the back set among a natural cedar forest with a stream flowing through the property.

Our focus comes from a place of deep peace and self discovery with a devotion to community building.

You are meant to experience a life of vibrancy and joy: you have the ability to create the life you desire. Come check us out, we are full of heart with every beat inspiring our Intentions!


If our front door is locked, your are late. We ask that all of our clients please respect the time of our public classes and the space being held for those in attendance. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early to class.

Our front door may also be locked between classes which are held outside regular reception hours. Our door will open 15 minutes prior to each class.

Help us maintain a quiet environment by using soft voices through out our space. Leave your shoes at the door. Drink lots of water. Honour your body throughout your practice. Feel open to ask questions. Feel supported. Breathe. Enjoy.

Wellness Services

Wellness Services

We offer two wellness rooms that include the following services:

-One-One Programming (Art of Foundation, Lived Experience & Intentional Love)
-Past Life Regression
-Registered Massage Therapy
-Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage
-Hot Stone Massage
-Indian Head Massage
-Thai Herbal Massage



Our Boutique is Open! Come Shop Local and enjoy a tea in our Wellness Lounge

SUPPORTING LOCAL: We are committed to supporting and giving back to community by sourcing items that are made by local businesses and artisans. When local goods are not available, we make the conscious choice to source Canadian, clean, natural and organic items when possible.

Building our Team

Our space has been designed to support a safe and tranquil atmosphere for our clients and for you. If you feel called to offer you services through our space, please inquire by email to: info@intentionsyoga.com or call the studio to speak with Priscilla at 905.590.7679



It’s Priscilla’s vision that we come to recognize ourselves with a new vibrancy and acceptance, loving unconditionally.

Through her years in funeral service supporting individuals and families through the stress and grief of losing a loved one, and drawing from her own life experiences, she is able to lead with this vision from the heart with compassion and strength. She facilitates in both private and group settings, empowering her clients to step into their full worth through soulful intention, mindfully guiding and creating space her work encompasses the full being so her clients may know themselves intuitively; listen to their inner wisdom; and cultivate a deep sense of self-love.

Using a foundation of simple and advanced breath techniques, Priscilla calls upon the breath as the leader in all practices of self-awareness and inward exploration. From her background in yoga, she emphasizes spinal awareness, and encourages a healthy relationship with mindful movement, posture and alignment, exploring how visceral ways of being can hold or manifest patterns and behaviours that do not serve, and understand how these brilliant signs from the body can lead to healing.

She is also the owner and director of Intentions Yoga & Wellness Studio. She opened the doors to her studio in 2013, with the intention of creating a safe space and bringing together practitioners and facilitators who share her vision. Today the studio offers a variety of group and private sessions, workshops, events, retreats and wellness services to facilitate a holistic approach and practice towards self-love, care and healing.

It is through her heart-centered work that Priscilla is able to connect deeply and meaningfully to clients and community, both locally and globally.

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Ashley Drysdale has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years. She began exploring Kundalini yoga and then was introduced to Hatha yoga.

"I became more and more aware of how I felt during and after practice, I gradually would notice how my body felt, my thoughts, my speech and by monitoring all this I became more aware of everything I said and everything I did.

I had a few changes in my life and was practice yoga as much as I would have like and needed to get more deeper into my practice so I made the leap and began to take my 200 hour teacher training.

Through my training I was able to delve deeper into my practice, into the history, meaning and purpose of yoga. I wanted to help show this to people for whatever reason, for strength, flexibility, or spirituality. I wanted to be able to be that person who could provide the knowledge, passion and experience of yoga.

In May of this year I made the decision to scale down from my full time manager position to a part time role so I could pursue my career and practice in yoga. I feel that yoga could be my true passion in life and would love for it to be my full time career. I strongly believe that we are all here for a reason and have our purpose in life that we need to follow and that doing what we love is what we are meant to do.

I know that my journey with yoga will never end and I will keep searching new practices, teachings and knowledge for myself and for my classes."

Ashley also provides Relaxation Massage and is certified in Reiki, providing these services with us at Intentions Yoga in our Wellness Space.



A Peer Supporter, Facilitator and advocate for stigma reduction, Hayley integrates self care strategies as part her overall mental and physical health, with a strong focus on embracing vulnerability and mindfulness. Hayley has been practicing Yoga on and off for 10 years but in the last 2 years, this practice has played an important role in her healing. She continues to deepen her practice every day through movement, breath work and meditation.

Challenging the notion that vulnerability equals weakness, Hayley continues to use her lived experience with Mental Health to overcome fear and shame and creating safe spaces. Part of this work for her has been working as a Peer Supporter here at Intentions,

" For me, I've chosen to step into the role of a Peer Supporter as a way of turning my struggles with Mental Health into hope for recovery for others who may be struggling. My intention is to support you, peer to peer, from a place of understanding and free from judgement, to help you navigate your own individual journey. "

Hayley currently offers this & other individual programming through Intentions Yoga & Wellness Studio.



"Massage Therapy is my second career path. For 8 years I worked as a fashion designer, pattern-maker and worked within management in downtown Toronto. My interests began to shift and I was feeling unfulfilled within the world of fashion. I was searching for something more meaningful and I was called by God into Massage Therapy.

I decided to go back to school and enrolled myself into the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. After receiving my certification in 1997 I began to work with the Nottawasaga Inn where I managed the clinic for almost 8 years. In need of a change, I moved my practice to a Chiropractic Office in Bradford where I currently work along with my time at Intentions Yoga Studio.

My practice is mainly Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Release, Pregnancy Massage and Myofascial Release. I plan to broaden my scope of practice to include Hot Stone Therapy and Thai Massage.

Beyond my practice I enjoy being a wife and mother of two, gourmet cooking, hobby farming, fitness and deepening my relationship with my Savior".

Patti Jennings is a also certified Reflexology Health Practitioner and trained in Infant Massage, Craniosacral Massage and Hydrotherapy but does not currently practice these modalities.


Micaela Aguiar received her Honours Bachelor of Science degree and an Ontario College Diploma in Paramedicine at the University of Toronto. Despite her degree, she chose to follow her other bona fide passion, teaching Yoga. She began her personal practice in 2014 with a focus on hot vinyasa and warm Hatha. Micaela quickly fell in love with the practice of Yoga and what it had to offer her physically, emotionally and spiritually. She has a prolific physical background having spent the majority of her life dedicated to athletic endeavours, yet, yoga provided something that no other physical activity had ever offered her before: the personal quest for inner reflection and self-discovery. She uses yoga as one of many tools to promote an overall healthy lifestyle. She is extremely dedicated to creating a nurturing, and safe environment for all practitioners, promoting inward focus and exploration of the body, mind and spirit. Micaela loves to craft sequences that provide structure, coherence, meaning and transformative potential to every class; drawing from anatomy to philosophy, asana to pranayama, self-acceptance to self-realization.

" My advice to you is allow the practice of yoga to bring physical awareness by tapping into neuromuscular connection, by exploring subtle physical intricacies, be spacious in your mind and heart, but most importantly allow yoga to tap into your greatness and defy your 'limitations' . "



One of a kind! Our outdoor space has a large grassy area at the edge of the natural cedar forest with a stream that flows through the property, providing the perfect setting for our outdoor Yoga, Meditation, Workshops and Day Retreats... or to just sit, relax...and enjoy.

Healing Intentions

Healing Intentions is a heartfelt approach to Self-Care for those who have experienced loss.

With over 10 years experience of compassionately caring for Community, my career has been within the Funeral Service profession. As a licensed Funeral Director, I have had the opportunity to connect with the families I have served on a very personal and intimate level while guiding them through the loss of a loved one. With the creation and opening of Intentions Yoga Studio Inc, and as a Facilitator in meditation, mindfulness, movement and yoga, the skills I have honed over my career have allowed me to continue this journey with others, guiding and supporting clients through their own self-discovery. This new journey now enables me to meld my skills and education while serving the community.

I designed this program as an alternative resource for those who have experienced loss. The process of grief and the journey that begins after a loss is very dear to me and I am honoured to be able to offer this service. For those preparing for a loss, we sometimes experience these emotions prior to the loss happening in physical time and space.

Healing Intentions, Intentions Yoga Studio Inc and the facilitators providing information do not claim to heal or eliminate grief. Rather we aim to provide an alternative resource to individuals and families experiencing any of the many facets of grief, to provide support and tools that can help reduce overall stress, an outlet for creative expression in a safe environment. We aim to foster community through sharing grief as deeply as one feels comfortable to express or to simply to be present with others who are experiencing grief as well.

Breath & Guided Meditation
Movement through Yoga and Mindfulness Practices
Sound as Healing
Hands on Healing
Art as Expression
Nutrition, Mindful Eating & Healthy Sleep

Please contact us for details regarding one-on-one or group sessions.

If you have questions about this program for yourself or someone you know, please reach out. You are welcome to call 905. 590. 7679 or email me personally: priscilla@intentionsyoga.com, I am available to meet in person if you prefer.


Priscilla S. Filipe
Owner | Studio Director | Facilitator
Intentions Yoga & Wellness Studio

Intentions Yoga Studio Inc


"Intentions Yoga & Wellness is absolutely brilliant! It has become an integral part of my weekly routine. Practicing at home with the occasional yoga DVD was just not effective for me. Being in the welcoming, comfortable and safe atmosphere of Intentions Yoga has made all the difference. Their attentive and considerate approach is perfect for every level. And the variety of classes and programs offer something for everyone. Shortly after I joined I broke my wrist in a cycling accident and had several other small injuries. One would normally stop or curtail physical activity in order to heal. The beauty of yoga is that it actually promotes the healing process. Priscilla suggested the restorative and meditation classes and they helped enormously with my healing. You’re always encouraged to go at your own pace and I especially like that clear cues and guidance are given throughout each class. The instructors are clearly passionate about yoga and your wellness. Every practice provides a new perspective to yoga and the mind/body connection. I can see and feel the consistent progress toward a stronger and healthier me. I’m so grateful to have made the connection with Priscilla and her outstanding team at Intentions Yoga & Wellness and the positive impact it has made on my life. Five stars!" - Diane Marhan

"Intentions Yoga, in the heart of Pottageville offers many styles and levels of yoga classes and private instruction. All are top notch. I have been coming to practice here for almost one year, usually every day and I especially love when I can do two classes back to back (Hatha Flow and Core Power or Restorative). I really feel the benefits of the breathing and the physical flow. By the end of practice, I leave feeling like I've had a massage and been to the gym all rolled into one. I have attended many of the workshops and seminars and have always felt welcomed and encouraged by Priscilla and the rest of the staff to set my own intentions and believe in the power of breathing. Also, this is the BEST place to make new, interesting friends in York Region.
I also wanted to add my comment about the booking system. I have downloaded the Mindbody Connect app to my phone. It makes it super easy to review the daily schedule, book your classes and sign in before arriving at the studio. You can adjust the settings to update your calendar immediately so you don't have to worry about when your next Yoga Class is." - Karen Whetstone

"I am in my late fifties, and an absolute yoga neophyte. I have so many friends who rave about how yoga has helped them, so when Intentions Yoga opened in Pottageville, the convenient location, beautiful studio and most of all, wonderful instructor sold me! Priscilla is patient, understanding, encouraging and always postive; a great teacher. There is no need for a "beginner's class" because yoga is a personal journey, and poses can be modified to suit every level. Priscilla ensures that every participant is receiving maximum benefit from every class.
Within a few weeks, I noticed improved strength and flexibility in every day activities. It has now been six months, and I am hooked! The benefits are priceless. I only wish I had started yoga a long time ago. One should listen to one's friends more often! It is my hope that Priscilla and her amazing yoga studio become a long time, permanent part of Pottageville!" - M. Aun

"Intentions Yoga Studio is an absolutely beautiful and charming space filled with such love and amazing energy! As soon as you walk in, you immediately feel a sense of ease. From the moment I walked in, I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed and even more so when greeted by the lovely owner Priscilla, who I am happy to now call a friend and colleague. She is passionate about safely guiding each student through postures and is so easy to talk to. Priscilla has created such a wonderful space to build a community through the practice of yoga. I am so grateful to be part of Intentions Yoga Studio and look forward to its growth! In love and gratitude. " - Laurita Gorman

"Sacred. Presence. Grounded. Inspired. Intentional. Pure Love. This is how I describe this beautiful space. I just facilitated a weekend workshop here and it was everything that I could have ever dreamed up. Thank you, Priscilla for holding space for magic, miracles and everything in between. Priscilla had created a sacred space for all who enter. Intentions Yoga is a place of restoration, love, connection and peace. This community is so blessed to have this studio in it and to have Priscilla share her magnificent gifts. All my love." - Asha Frost

"I am so lucky to have found Intentions Yoga. All the instructors are excellent!!! Each one on this wonderful team have something special to offer for body and mind. It is a true wellness centre as there are other healing and fascinating things to explore. It is a haven of heaven!" - Debbie Hoffman

"I've attended several workshops in this space but just today had the privilege of taking Priscilla's class and it was amazing! Her voice and the calming grounded energy she brings to her practice is like no other. Perfect alignment cues and so much attention to detail, taking her class was truly amazing. Can't wait to go back. Love the space, love the energy, wonderful studio. " ❤️ - Leona Sandalwood Botham

"I am 51 years old and have been living with Fibromyalgia for two years. I have been in constant pain throughout my whole body every day of the past two years. I am unable to take any of the prescription medication that is used to treat Fibromyalgia and the pain that come with it. There are supposed to be times when it flares up and then goes into remission, but in my experience, it has been a two year flare up without any breaks. I thought that this was something I was just going to have to learn to live with for the rest of my life. In March, a friend of mine asked if I would go to Intentions Yoga with her to try a class. I was very nervous about going. I have never been the type of person to join a gym or attend fitness classes. The thought of walking into a yoga studio, in yoga pants and a t-shirt, very out of shape, with no previous yoga experience was intimidating, but I thought I would try it anyway. It was one class, what did I have to lose? It was the best chance I have ever taken. We received a warm welcome and the atmosphere is tranquil and inviting. There is no judgement about your level of fitness or if you have never practiced yoga before, by the staff or the other people in class. Everyone is welcome and there is no pressure to be anything other than you. That first visit I immediately felt comfortable and no longer worried if I would fit in. Everyone fits in. In class, each pose is explained in details and helpful advice is given so you are able to understand how to achieve them. I ask for corrections and they are given in a very quiet, gentle, compassionate way. At Intentions Yoga, there is no right or wrong way to practice, just what is right for you. At any time during class if you need to take a break, you are encouraged to do so. I asked for advice on which classes would suit my needs and they patiently took the time to help me. I was also welcome to try any of the other classes whenever I wanted. The most amazing thing that I have discovered is that my Fibromyalgia pain is improving. While I am in class, I have zero pain. Even on the days that the pain is almost unbearable, when I am doing my practice, I have no pain. To explian what a miracle this is for me, I have not been able to do anything without pain for two years. The simplest of activities like washing dishes, cutting vegetables, sweeping, writing or even sitting doing nothing, lying in bed trying to sleep, my body is in constant pain and frequent muscle spasms. I knew I was feeling better, but I did not even realize to what extent until I had to miss a week of classes. During that week, my pain came back to the level it had previously been at before I started practicing yoga. I wondered could it really be simply that I had missed a week of yoga. My first class back and I had my answer.... yes. With each week, I am finding the intensity of my pain is decreasing. I have tried a few different types of classes, with different instructors and in each one; I have had the same experience. The instructors are kind, compassionate and warm and gently guide you through the practice. I want to thank, especially, Mascha and Priscilla, the two instructors I have taken the majority of my classes with, for their compassion, understanding and for helping me to be able to live my life again. Their gentle guidance, support, and encouragement have meant the world to me. Whether you are thinking of starting yoga or you want to continue your practice and looking for a friendly, inviting, peaceful atmosphere that will encourage and support you, I highly recommend you visit Intentions Yoga." - Linda Muylaert